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The common wisdom on this work, after the studies of Jean Doignon, is that this is the one text of Hilary that reflects a pure and ancient Latin tradition of exegesis before Hilary's contact with the East. If this is correct, it alters the significance the author assigns to what he regards as a retreat from this kind of exegesis in Hilary's later work.

This is something for the specialists to work out, but in any case what remains especially interesting in Hilary's exegesis is the meeting of two different traditions and not merely an "Origenist exegesis" that modifies itself. As a final word I would draw attention to the author's first word, his Introduction.

This is elegantly written and should not be overlooked. It introduces the book well, but it also summarizes it. Here the contemporary relevance of the patristic hermeneutic is expressed most clearly.

Hermeneutics must be a theological pursuit and it "cannot but be under the impact of the dynamic Word of the living God" p. Mount Angel Abbey and Semiruiry St. Benedict, Oregon Pontificio Ateneo S. Embodying Forgiveness: A Theological Analysis. Grand Rapids, Mich. Forgiveness is a form of internalized ressemimem, and to crave forgiveness is to demonstrate the most abject kind of self-hatred. Long - - Studies in Christian Ethics 10 1 Rudy A. Denton - - Hts Theological Studies 74 4 Inazu - - Human Rights Review 10 3 Pettigrove, Glen. Forgiveness and Love.

Oxford: Oxford University Press, Norlock - - Ethics 4 Repentance and the Right to Forgiveness.

Embodying Forgiveness: A Theological Analysis by L. Gregory Jones

Court D. Lewis - - Lexington Books. Impossible Forgiveness. Paul van Tongeren - - Ethical Perspectives 15 3 Margaret R. Holmgren , Forgiveness and Retribution: Responding to Wrongdoing. Reviewed By.

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Kathryn J. Norlock - - Philosophy in Review 33 1 Moreover, if we hesitate to define forgiveness and to distinguish it from its near neighbors, how will we know when we have actually learned the craft of forgiveness rather than absent-mindedly learning the craft of, say, tolerance instead? I think forgiveness of sins is both an action and an embodied way of life, and that Jones sidesteps some acute questions having to do with the action. When you forgive a person, what is it that you actually do? Do you make a move against one of your emotions?

Which one? Do you shut a file in your memory? How so? Do you give up the right to revenge?

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As a believer, did you ever have that right in the first place? Do you take a vow of some kind? Out loud and in the presence of the traitor?

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Jones is too good a theologian not to touch on such questions, but he is vague about the answers, suggesting that the nature of forgiveness will depend on the context. Maybe so, but what is elementary forgiveness? What is the basic machinery? If your nine-year-old asks what she must do to forgive somebody who humiliated her at school, what do you say? What do you say about forgiveness to somebody who is not up to speed on cruciform contexts and embodied ways of life? Second, this book treats Lewis Smedes unjustly.

Smedes's enormously popular and wonderfully helpful "Forgive and Forget" becomes in Jones's hands the epitome of what is wrong with therapeutic approaches to forgiveness--ones in which the healing effect of forgiveness on the forgiver assumes a high profile. According to Jones, Smedes thins forgiveness down into a handy four-step technique, ignores the ambiguities of the settings in which broken people forgive other broken people, and generally separates "forgiveness from any sense of sin.

Not so.

Embodying Forgiveness: A Theological Analysis

Remarkably not so; and if this were the place to do it, I think I could show exactly where Jones has misread Smedes. The wonderful truth is that Smedes and Jones actually complement each other very nicely: Jones gives us the theological narratives, the communal embeddedness, the broad contexts of forgiveness. Smedes tells us popularly, but very toughmindedly, what actual moves we make when we forgive in those contexts. As far as I can tell, the combination is what we need, and that is why it is just fine to have more than one Christian writing more than one kind of book on this very difficult topic of forgiveness of sins.

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Embodying Forgiveness: A Theological Analysis

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Embodying Forgiveness : A Theological Analysis

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