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And that the rest of the year goes well! Happy new thread, Bill! I hope Lonesome Dove gets better for you. I just ordered it to read in July with Mamie. Good idea to call on Buster Keaton to get you going again, Bill.

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He would be very much at home on the Malaysian roads I am sure. Have a great weekend. Per your suggestion, I added some arrows and a link as post Appropriate, I think. I don't know how that sequence was engineered, Charlotte.

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I do know that Buster and many of his contemporary film comedians didn't use stunt doubles and any of the safeguards used these days. Buster's comedic stunts in The General are pretty amazing. Seems kind of silly to me! Hope the reading is picking up for you! To all you nice boosters, a hearty thank you. I will get through Lonesome Dove. No doubt about it.

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The characters and situations are great, I just have got to stick with it. My journey began with a Facebook challenge to my daughter from one of her closest college friends. Casey, the friend, linked to a page on the Atlas Obscura website that showed Lehigh Millennium Folk Arch, I guess knowing that it was near Becky's childhood home. Reading the page, I learned the sculptures were created by students taking a course first offered in by a now-retired professor of religious studies, Norman Girardot.

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The site is officially called The Stolfa Sculpture Garden, and Google Maps showed me its location near the crest of South Mountain, hidden in the woods. I must go see. So I can take Becky and Casey there. You know.

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Have you seen it, Linda? Do you know about it? It doesn't comport unabashedly with my mental picture of LU. So that's cool. Love the sculptures!! And I am sure that this new thread and the books that go with it will be awesome!! Those are interesting sculptures indeed. How did you like The Tycoons? I've heard good and not so good? I am much relieved Happy Sunday, Bill! It's the kind of art I really enjoy. This is stuff you can't make up. Charles Koch, boss at Koch Industries in Wichita, KS, and financier of all things right-wing, has a cache of reading materials in his private bathroom at the office.

Just in case, you know, he gets constipated. Not sure how he gets any work done I've never heard of this. But, I will go searching. I know there is a walking path when you first drive into the road to Stabler. I'm guessing the art work might be there. I might finish this Lonesome Dove pamphlet after all. What a man.

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Just pages to go. If you are like many of us, you will be sorry to see it end. Dogwoods in bloom at my house!!

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So jealous!! I used to have a gorgeous one at my old house, but nothing so glamorous now. We have cherry and magnolia round here giving a similar colour.

Thanks, Bill. We need a glimpse of spring where we are. And a little extreme. I miss them - we had a few in our yard growing up but I don't see them out here in CO. Bagged these 26 books and--gasp!! In the deal, I got two reusable grocery bags wheee! I'll get a list up shortly. I can sense my reading prospects shifting to the good. You got a great bunch of books. Great job! Jones, narrated by Kevin Free. Great haul, Bill! Two that jump out for me are The Nick Adams Stories and Both excellent.

Dogwood beauty and book haul beauty. Some great additions with the latter and looking upon that vista I am surprised you get so much reading done. Have a wondrous weekend Bill.

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It's my AAC3 book, as well as a Pulitzer winner for poetry in My big failing this month, reading-wise, was to get through a wedge Doorstop. I finally caught up. I'm just a bit jealous. I love it.

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Hope you will still have room for the Bethlehem Book Sale this month! I'm wondering if I should add Allentown to my itinerary as well You know how to get a bargain. That book haul is fantastic!!!! Thanks to all, esp. The Julia Child, Charlotte, was for my wife. Not usually knowing anything about the books, but hoping for an intro to a new-to-me writer.