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To do this, we must become intentional about mirroring his image in all that we think and do.

The Illustrated To Think Like God : Pythagoras and Parmenides, The Origins of Philosophy

God wants to impart his character and power through us. If anyone was ever justified in being negative and overwhelmed, the apostle Paul was. He was in the midst of a continual barrage of persecution. He gives us exceedingly wise advice for thinking like God thinks when he challenges us in Philippians to seek out and dwell on the positives in our life.

When we put this way of thinking into practice, the world is instantly changed because those who reflect his glory, impact the world!

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Sign up for my blog's weekly digest below and stay connected. So rhetorically we must ask. Is God an amnesiac? Has he been alive so long that he has advanced divine Alzheimers? Did he forget in verse 8 what he had already told us in verse 1, namely that Esau was Edom? Is he an order of magnitude worse than Stephen Spielberg at telling a story?

Sorry to be so patronizing but do you remember the mindset we must apply: The angels are cleverer than me? Let's apply that mindset. Where does it take us? Well if this account only has a literal meaning then the angels are dumberer than us. So obviously the story is in a code and has a greater meaning wherein extra information is given by these 3 repetitions which are pointless in the literal meaning.

Parmenides Publishing: Publications: Arnold Hermann

This account actually presents us with an obvious choice. This principle applies to every seemingly irrelevant detail and every seemingly pointless change of name given to every character or object in a bible account. For example, in the account of the battle of Jericho in Joshua6, the ark of the covenant is referred to as the plain old ark, the ark of the covenant, the ark of Jehovah and the ark of the covenant of Jehovah.

Well obviously it was not the ark of Satan or of the Philistines or of the people of Jericho. So there is really no point in using all these different designations for the same box in one account in the literal meaning. Therefore, unless God had shares in the papyrus companies of the day, it is obvious just from the wording of that account that it has a greater meaning in which the 4 designations actually provide some extra information.

I want to Think Like God THINKS.

We can also deduce this from the words of Paul who says Every word must exert power. So if there are words that have no power in the literal meaning then there is a further meaning, a greater meaning to the scripture. It is like Jesus said I came, not to destroy, but to fulfill; 18 for truly I say to you that sooner would heaven and earth pass away than for one smallest letter or one particle of a letter to pass away from the Law by any means and not all things take place Matthew 5. Even the tense or the number of a word can have great power both in the literal and the symbolic meanings of an account.

When you follow this through to its conclusion you discover that most scriptural accounts have greater meanings, further meanings in addition to their literal meaning. Even symbolic accounts have further symbolic meanings. Revelation for example has a meaning for each true Christian church and there have been 4 of them. Simply put, this means there is a second new covenant, a second Judas, a second church and a second Elijah in each presence of the Christ and a second presence and that everything, absolutely everything, that the Jews did which is recorded in the old testament has some kind of symbolic application to the Christians that followed them.

Even today their traditions prophesy the activity of the Christian church. For example after comparing carefully the 4 accounts of the Lord's evening meal in the New Testament, we deduced that there are 4 cups to be drunk at that meal representing 4 different salvation covenants. Then we realised that the Jews have been drinking 4 cups at the Passover for thousands of years - see U The Lord's evening meal is the Christianised Passover celebration. Being more precise, the physical sons of Israel by genetics prophesy by their scripturally recorded actions and actually by their traditions, the activities of the spiritual sons of Jacob, who are the covenant sons of Jacob who are the saints, those who have been born again from above - see U9.

What that means is that saints can behave very badly indeed! Incidentally nobody today whom the catholic church declares to be a saint is a saint. It became the harlot seen by John riding upon the 7 headed beast of Revelation The 7 hilled beast of Rome. The Catholic church knew this at the time.

Hence it left the Book of Revelation out of the oldest 'complete' new testament bible manuscript in the world, the Codex Vaticanus. God designs the physical which we can see to teach us about the spiritual or the emotional or the intellectual which we cannot see. When we reach the age of two we learn how to walk step by step. When we reach the age of 15 or thereabouts we are supposed to learn how to think step by step.

The former prophesying the latter. Hence if you look at some of mankind's great intellectual works, such as the great theorems of pure mathematics, or the sequencing of the Human Genome, or the formulation of the laws of physics or electromagnetics, you see that tens and sometimes hundreds of small intellectual steps are need to prove the theorem or to formulate the equations that describe our world. If you are not a physicist or a mathematician then you may know that Windows NT took around 1, builds to complete and Windows XP took around 7, builds to complete. That is 7, steps with the mind. Yet whilst we have individuals and companies and academic departments able to make this number of steps with their minds without falling over although in the case of Windows it is with falling over , we have governments and most of the public who expect everything to be solved with one step of the mind. Imagine how limited your life would be if you could not make any more than one step in any one journey.

You would get nowhere. Well that is what has happened to our governments. This is because you cannot sell a multi-step argument to an electorate very easily. It is one of the many flaws in democracy. Now just as it took Microsoft steps to code Windows XP, so it has taken the LWs predicted iterations to reach the correct prediction dates for the pillar of fire and cloud that we have been following through our chronological wilderness..

This is not something to be surprised at. Encoding and decoding are multi step processes. We think as we walk. One step at a time.

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But the LWs are the only spiritual athlete who has chosen to enter this race. And there is a race since the book is in a code and there is a finishing line since God does not do a single thing without revealing his confidential matter to his servants the prophets - Amos and there is a medal for the church that finishes the race 1Kings So by an existence and uniqueness argument - see U26 , we shall finish the race. It is not a question of if, it is merely a question of when. This again brings us back to the Jews of the Old Testament. They wandered around in the wilderness for 40 years. They knew from the day the spies brought back a bad report that the wilderness period would be 40 years.

They knew everything about time, but nothing about space. They had no idea where Moses would take them next from a geographical standpoint. Now the sons of Israel were the Geographical people of God, having as they did a geographically defined promised land from the Nile to the Euphrates. And we have been wandering in a chronological wilderness since Iyyar1, when we first predicted a date for the start of the Great Tribulation, which is the first fire sign of 1kings18 - see U.

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