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If so, prove it! If Jesus preached to Gentiles what message did he preach, that is so different to Pauls.

What is the good news of the gospel really all about?

These are questions I asked myself after coming out of the Charismatic Church. Questions I urge others to do and research. The message that Paul preached was not a different message from Jesus. There are two parts in verse Proclaiming and teaching are two different things. Jesus proclaimed the Kingdom of God to the public. Then in private, He taught the kingdom of God to His disciples.

Paul did the same thing. Is Paul greater than Jesus? Even the apostle Paul warned that preaching a different gospel brings a curse Galatians So, did Paul preach a different gospel, or the gospel he heard directly from Jesus? Jesus also called for man to repent, why? For the Kingdom of heaven is at hand. Do your own research, start first thing with understanding what a king is and does, because first and foremost, God is a King, Jesus is a King. I recommend several books. The lost and forgotten Gospel of the Kingdom by Steven. Rediscovering the Kingdom of God by Dr.

Myles Munroe. They proclaimed the gospel of the kingdom which required faith and works for salvation. Paul proclaimed salvation was by faith alone in the death and resurrection of Christ. Did Peter tell the Jews to believe Christ died for their sins and rose from the dead for salvation? He did not because he did not know this. This was a truth the risen Christ revealed this to Paul alone. Whatever the 12 learned regarding this, they learned from Paul. Paul gave the warning of Galatians 1. At the Council, Peter declared they were wrong and Paul was right.

The gospel of the kingdom ended on that day. See The Great Hinge. The teaching of Jesus and Paul were vastly different. Paul proclaimed doctrines concerning the Church, the body of Christ.

Part 12 - Matthew The Gospel of the Kingdom by Thomas Ice

Isaiah proclaimed the gospel most clearly in chapters 52 and 53 especially. David wrote Psalm Abraham was a man of faith. It said nothing of repentance. Abraham believed God and it was credited to him for righteousness. Jesus spoke to the two on the road to Emmaus using the writing of the old testament to reveal himself. I think the old testament believers had more revelation than you seem to say.

Maybe I have completely misunderstood you. Forgive me if I have. Johns Gospel tells us that grace and truth came through Jesus Christ, the grace being that He would fulfil the law. As regards the kingdom, did paul not say we are now in the Kingdom of His dear son in whom we have redemption through his blood, even the forgiveness of sins?

Just some honest questions that came to mind when reading this page. Stephen, Read the passage Galatians 3. What was the gospel preached to Abraham?

The verse tells us: In thee shall all nations be blessed. That was the gospel for Abraham. The point Paul was making was that Abraham believed what God told him. This is different from the earthly kingdom prophesied which will be on the earth Matthew 6. The Jews never had any idea of dying and going to heaven or living in heaven.

I think most equate Paradise before the cross with Heaven in general. My understanding is that Paradise is in Heaven today. Joe, Sadly, most of Christendom does not read the Scriptures. They read what others have written. For this reason, these basic truths are unknown. The Jews hope was in resurrection and life in that kingdom. Not a single verse supports the idea of Jews dying and going to heaven. We learn about going to heaven from Paul.

And nowhere else. Paradise was emptied when Christ rose from the dead.

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Those saints are now in heaven and they will return to populate the earth in resurrection bodies. The bible speaks of Christ returning with Saints…. Hi Don and brethren: I have been learning on the mysteries. I agree with you that we are meant for the heavenly places.

In Ephesians. Also, Ephesians. Several contrasting the two which is interesting… we are told to compare spiritual with spiritual, scripture with scripture.

What does the Bible say about the Kingdom of God?

That sort of thing. Also in Rev. One day the heavens will be clean Job and repopulated perhaps. We all praise Him for it! Isaac, Peter wrote to Jews who had believed the gospel of the kingdom. We can make applications from Peter just as we can from other non-Pauline letters but sound interpretation requires understanding to whom a passage was written.

Thank you taking time to answer. And thank you, and also God so much for this website. It has been really a blessing to read your articles. I was just recently reading all the New Testament together, and it was a huge mess and hard to understand the Scripture. But I noted this scripture in Acts , when these gentiles received the Holy Spirit before they had been baptized in water.

And therefore, the spirit in me was uneasy about this, wether baptism in wather should be a christian practice or not, so I started to make research on this topic when I stumbeled on this site. But may I ask you; these gentiles receiveing the Holy Spirit in Acts 2, was this before the time Paul had received this Gospel from our glorious Lord? We also do not know exactly when Paul received his gospel. We assume it was shortly after he was saved during the 3 years in Arabia and Damascus.

See my article, The Great Hinge. Pardon me, I did not mean to refer to Acts 2, but Acts But anyways; does this occurring in Acts 10 with Cornelius and the other gentiles, when the Holy Spirit fell on them, show that the Grace was in motion already before Paul revealed his Gospel of Grace? Isaac, No. One would think he received it fairly soon after he was saved.

The Gospel of the Kingdom

Peter did not understand what had happened. He only understood it had. We have no record he ever went to another Gentile. The whole reason for the event other than the obvious salvation of Cornelius and those with him was so Peter would have a basis to support Paul 14 years later. Ok, so in Acts we can read about the community in Antioch, which consisted of scattered jews saved under kingdom plan. One of them was Barnabas who traveled a lot with Paulus in gentile areas.